Saigon Vegetarian Cooking Class
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Saigon Vegetarian Cooking Class

These programs of course are dedicated to people who like the vegetarian cooking or who wish to discover it. Join our classes to learn how to make vegetarian course. We will reveal you how fruits, vegetables and herbs of thousands surprising and delicious combinations.

We offer the morning cooking class (8:30am - 12:00pm) and afternoon cooking class (2:00pm - 5:30pm). We only pick up in District 1 by car (cyclo is available upon request, extra 3USD per person).

Itinerary: The courses start by visiting to a colorful market with Chef. Our Chef will guide you through the colorful and vibrant Ben Thanh market to purchase necessary ingredients for your cooking lesson in around 45 minutes.

Back to Cookery Center, we begin to approach to culinary aspect and the culture of Vietnamese gastronomy.

The Chef introduce the dishes to make and the ingredients used as well. Then, apron on, everybody put their hands on.

Throughout the course, you have the opportunity to observe all the skill of Chefs and the trick that can achieve any recipe, even those who seemed the most difficult.

However, if only observe, it’s not enough! Chef would like you to make yourself, to repeat the same gestures!

Carving fruit or vegetables is also offered by Chef to amaze your presentation to the plate !

Finally, savouring your own creation. Enjoy this moment for sharing experience with Chef.

Highlighted your performance by a "Certificate of Recognition"

Note: We can arrange a half-day cyclo city tour in the afternoon after the class.

Price: 49USD/person


Monday Tuesday
1. Fried wonton with plum sauce 2. Dumpling with leek and crouton sauce 3. Noodle soup with tomato, fried tofu and soya milk 4. Dessert is offered by Chef 1. Salad rolls with turnip and vegetable 2. Sizzling pancake 3. Noodle soup of Central Region 4. Dessert is offered by Chef
Wednesday Thursday
1. Spring rolls 2. Young jackfruit salad with soya cheese 3. Noodle soup with five spices (Pho) 4. Dessert is offered by Chef 1. Sizzling pancake 2. Dumpling with leek and crouton sauce 3. Wonton soup 4. Dessert is offered by Chef
Friday Saturday & Sunday
1. Salad rolls 2. Sizzling pancake 3. Spicy noodle soup in Central region 4. Dessert is offered by Chef 1. Spring rolls 2. Dumpling with turnip and vegetable 3. Stewed vegetable noodle soup 4. Dessert is offered by Chef


Pick-up in District 1 by car

Market visit


Cooking class


Drop-off at the hotels after the class

Personal expenses